The base point of Kenneth automatic dosing mixing conveying systems is mixer with desired capacity for further processing. With the processing procedure of mixing process, upstream equipment are selected and configured. Downstream equipment after mixer are comparatively easier to configure. Lastly, integration of all devices to a PLC controller and HMI for operation.
Kenneth mainly serves for PVC based processors equipped with extrusion, compounding, calendering lines. In those applications, pre-compounding of PVC resins and formula compositions by high speed heating mixer and cooling mixer are required to get PVC dry blends. Kenneth’s automatic dosing mixing conveying systems help those processors on bulk material handling, conveying in close loops, weighing&metering automatically and precisely, mixing efficiently and quality.

Rigid PVC Application

Rigid PVC formula/recipes consist few or no liquid plasticizer, and the mixing processing is fairly simple. Typical rigid PVC application: PVC pipe, PVC profile, panel, SPC board, sheet, WPC products etc.
Dosing Floor
Mixing Floor
Pipe Chain Conveying System-Silo to Extruders

Soft PVC Application

Soft PVC formula/recipes consist high proportion of liquid plasticizer, what’s more the mixing processing is much complicated. Kenneth has vast experience on automatic dosing mixing solutions for soft PVC application: PVC film, PVC cable compounds, PVC shoe sole compounds, PVC medical compounds etc. Kenneth’s fast dosing of liquid compositions module is the top efficient solution for high plasticizer application on the market.
Modular Mixing Unit
Modular Mixing Unit
Automatic dosing mixing conveying system