Selection of Screw Loader for PVC Mixers

Screw loaders are often used to convey various powders and granules. They are often used as feeding and discharging equipment for high-speed mixers. Compared with vacuum powder feeding, they have great advantages in terms of price. However, the selection of loaders Do you understand?

Common models of loaders are KLS114/133/159/168. The numbers correspond to the pipe diameter of the equipment. The larger the pipe diameter, the faster the conveying efficiency of the corresponding loader. In small and medium-sized high-speed mixers, such as the SHR-100L type, the single mixing amount is generally about 40kg, which is very convenient even for manual feeding. If a loader is used, the KLS114 type can be used. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete a delivery.

If it is a 500-liter mixer, the feeding machine with a pipe diameter of 114 is too small. Generally, the KLS133 model can be used. The conveying efficiency is about 3-5ton/hr. If a pot of material is about 200kg, the feeding The time is about 3-4 minutes.

Therefore, the larger the high-speed mixer is, in order to ensure the feeding efficiency, the feeding machine also needs to be enlarged accordingly. For more detailed information, please contact Kenneth Mixer.

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