Ideal Vortex Determines Quality of PVC Mixing

To define the mixing quality of PVC mixtures, we could tell from the following aspects:

  • Bulk density of the mixture
  • Color dispersion
  • Homogenization
  • No stress on the mixtures
  • No build-up over time
  • Free flowing

In order to achieve the high quality mixing via heating mixer, the PVC mixtures inside the mixer bowl shall flow in an ideal vortex created by the mixing tools.

The vortex is describing the flow of the material as it moves inside the mixing bowl. It is specified as a material-free zone, which is formed by the velocity and gravity obtained by the design of mixing tools and mixer tank.

Vortex Moving Path

In a vortex, there are different directed movements(combined vectors). The bottom blade and top blade mainly create vertical upwards movements and pushing the material to the sides, while the middle blades create a radial force. Because of the velocity of blades, a centrifugal force is created(radial vector). The material been pushed to the side walls of the bowl and a vacuum space is created in the middle. Therefore, the material is dragged to the shaft(horizontal vector) and fallen down(vertical vector), which creates the vortex. This is enhanced by the special engineered bowl design and deflector. In addition, turbulence created by the mixing tools improve friction and blending performance.

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