Automatic Mixing Line for Plastic Extruder

Automatic mixing line is a highly integrated system for automation of mixing processes: raw material handling, weighing, mixing and conveying of raw materials etc. The system is particularly made for PE and PP profile extrusion lines.

Product Description

Automatic mixing line is a highly integrated system for automation of manufacturing processes: raw material handling, weighing, mixing and conveying of raw materials etc. The system is widely used in compounding and manufacturing of PVC dry blend, powder coatings, color masterbatch, pigments, thermoplastic rubbers, wood plastic composites(WPC), stone plastic composites.

IMG. PFD-Automatic Mixing Line for PE, PP Profile Extrusion Lines

Automatic Dosing
Dosing of multiple composites required by formula can be simply understood as weighing&metering of each composite automatically. Additionally, loading&feeding of raw materials to weighing device are also actuated by mechanism automatically. Kenneth adopts add-in-weight scale for general application of bulk solids. Loss-in-weight scale is used in few particular situations. As for liquid compositions such as DOP oil, the weighting scale is fairly similar with bulk solids while the feeding or onloading device changed to pumps.

Automatic Mixing
Once one batch size of formula composites been dosed, the system conveys raw materials to mixer as per command from system controller. Conveying mechanism, transition hopper, pipe line and valves are needed for the automatic operations. Unlike operation on a single mixer, automatic mixing operation requires additional processing variations on speed, temperature and time rather than a simple speed or temperature value setting. Additionally, feeding sequence of different composites to mixer at certain processing condition, discharge operation, and other mixing related operations are all performed automatically.


Automatic Conveying
The overall conveying concept in the system represents the transport of raw materials between modules. For example, powder solid raw materials transported from dumping station to weighing module, from weighing module to mixing module, from mixing module to next process. The conveying method varies as per physical characteristic of composite. Power/granule solid items use helical screw conveyor, pneumatic blower, while liquid items use pump. All related devices are controlled by system program automatically.

“Central Brain” PLC&HMI
To make all devices worked together and properly, the system has a central brain PLC control cabinet and HMI for manual operation and input. Besides automatic operations of whole system, the controller has protective programs for both human safety and equipment safety. Production data tracing and remote monitor and maintenance are also available.

Kenneth Automatic Mixing Line adopts industrial automation Siemens PLC control module. All operations are integrated on the control panel. Conveying of raw materials, weighing of batch size, feeding sequence of each composite, feeding method, mixing processing parameter setting, data record and production truce etc.
1. Minimize labor operation:
*Dramatically increase mixing process efficiency, maximize productivity.
*Reduce labor cost.
*Ensure weighing accuracy.
2. Consistency of mixing quality:
*Precise automatic weighing accuracy guarantees formula compliance.
*Step by step automatic operation as per formula processing requirements.
*Automatic injection of liquid composite ensure dispersion at best compounding zone.
3. Comfortable working ambient:
*Excellent dust control of powder shaped raw materials.
*Transportation of raw materials in closed pipelines ensure no contamination.
4. Raise company profile:
*Industrial 4.0 paragon.
*Clean workshop.
*Quality guarantee basis.

Applicable End-user with Following Considerations:
Complicated processing requirements.
Strict mixing compounding quality.
Large scale mass production.
High labor cost.
Dust-free working condition.
Special materials.

Product Features

Modular Designed, Maximum Flexibility & Mobility

Kenneth mixers are modular designed with maximum flexibility for various applications. Each mixer is tailored by different PVC recipe, processing and throughput requirements based on Kenneth’s expertise in the area of PVC compounding and mixing.

Whole Series, Full Range

Kenneth has a full range series of heating mixers, capacity from lab scale 10 liter to industrial production scale 1,500 liter. Full range series of cooling miers, capacity from 200 liter to 6000 liters. Throughput of PVC compounds can be 30kg/hr(SHR-10) to 4,000kg/hr(SHR-1500).

Solid Materials, Precise Assembled, Quality Crafted

The machine structures of Kenneth heating mixer are made of carbon steel been welded together by experienced welder. Inner surface of mixer tank, mixing tools, discharger inner surface wherever contacted with resin are made of stainless steel 304. The solid machine structures minimize vibration meanwhile the precise assemble of all mechanical parts ensures a comfortable noise level even at intensive mixing operation.

Reliable Components

Kenneth mixer adopts industrial standard electrical components from world renowned brands i.e Siemens, Schneider, OMRON, ABB etc. It is a consideration of quality assurance and easy sourcing for replacement of broken parts wherever the customer is all over the world.

Electrical Safety & Certificate

Safety of equipment and protection of operators are the top guideline throughout the design& engineering of both mechanical and electrical aspects. Strict process control during fabrication and assembly of single machinery or whole line. Kenneth mixers and mixing lines offer multiple certificates as requested e.g. CE, UL, CSA etc.

Intuitive Operation&Diverse Control Modes

Depends on the automation level and related accessories, the control of mixing process can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The first 2 control modes are usually achieved via button operation on the electrical cabinet. While the fully automatic mode requires an additional touch screen(Siemens S7 PLC) which visualizes all processes vividly, integrates all control operations and real time monitoring of all components etc. Remote maintenance module is optional for remote diagnosis of malfunctions or update of control system.

Product Specification

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