Screw Loader

It is an automatic dosing equipment specially designed for weighting solid additive ingredients requested by the PVC formula. The solids can be powders, granules or crushed chips from recycling. Each solid additive is corresponded to 1 stainless steel bin with individual screw feeder. Inverter controlled screw feeders feeding each additive on the scale one by one according to formula. The whole dosing cycle only takes several minutes automatically within 0.3% accuracy. The dosed a batch size of additives are then fed into mixer with PVC resin and high proportion filler calcium carbonate for mixing process.

Product Description

To feed the raw materials to mixer can be manual dumping or via auto-loader either screw loader or pneumatic vacuum loader. It is also a trade-off between labor cost and automation.

When it comes to mass production of PVC products, automatic loading of raw materials to mixers and extruders is vital for the consideration of continuity and efficiency.

Kenneth’s screw loader is equipped with a stainless steel bin. Use the stainless steel made screw and barrel driven by motor to convey solid materials from ground to PVC heating mixer placed high. It is the most common loader used for:

Simple configuration and reliable

Easy for maintenance


Level switches for monitoring&control

Anti-bridging device is optional for high bulk density powder solids

Manual operation or integrated to automatic program

Alarm for reminding lack of material

Dust collector or filter is optional

Product Specification

Feeding Motor Power(kW)0.751.11.51.5
Anti-bridging Motor Power(kW)0.550.751.11.75
Loading Capacity(kg/hr)600100020003000
Bin Capacity(kg)80150200250

Product Video

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