Twin Screw Extruder Granulation Line

Kenneth co-rotating twin screw melt compounding pelletizer uses particular co-rotating twin screw&barrel extruder for the mixing, melt compounding of certain polymer and other modifiers. It has a wide applications for the compounding and pelletizing of various polymers.

Product Description

Kenneth co-rotating twin screw melt compounding pelletizer uses particular co-rotating twin screw&barrel extruder for the mixing, melt compounding of certain polymer and other modifiers. It has a wide applications for the compounding and pelletizing of various polymers.

  • Co-mixing&Compounding Modification

PE, PP, PS+SBS; PA+EPDM; EVA+Silicon rubber etc; PE, PA, PC, CPE+ABS; ABS+TPU; PBT+PET; PP+PE etc

  • Filling Modification

PE, PP, EVA etc+CaCO3, Talc, TiO2; ABS, PS, PC etc+Al(OH)3, Mg(OH)2, Sb2O3; PP, PA, ABS+iron powder, sulfur powder, ceramic powder etc

  • Functional Master Batch

PP, PA, ABS, PBT etc+flame retardant, other aids; PE, PP, PS etc+starch(degradable master batch); PE+anti-mist agent, stabilizer(double-anti master batch); PE, EVA, ABS etc+black carbon(black master batch)

  • Color Master Batch

PE, PP, ABS, AS, PA, EVA, PET+dyes, aids

  • Glass Fiber/Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

PP, PBT, ABS, AS, PA, PC, POM, PPS, PET etc+long fiber, short fiber, carbon fiber, crystal whisker etc

  • Cable/Wire Materials

LDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, EVA, PVC, PP etc cable insulation materials; peroxide PE, Silane crosslinking

  • Special Materials

EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane, fluorine rubber, fluorine plastic, PP cigarette filter, TPR sole, pet food

  • Reaction&Extrusion

Polyamide polycondensation, polyamide polymerization, polyurethane, polycarbonate polycondensation etc

  • Degassing&Devolatilization

Chlorinated PP, high water absorbing resins, chlorosulfonated PE

  • Powder Coating

Polyester, epoxy, acrylate, polyurethane, acrylic esters etc

With more than 20 years of research and development, the performance and output of the newest co-rotating twin screw extruder has been improved greatly. Equipped with high efficiency motor and gear box, the co-rotating twin screw extruder compounding pelletizer has a powerful extrusion capability.

Kenneth selects and uses top brands of motors and gear reducers on the extruders. Those high efficiency motors and superior gear reducers provide powerful energy source for extrusion. The motor and gear reducer combinations enable extrusion screws rotating at different speed smoothly and quietly.

Extruder Screw&Barrel-Core of Melt Compounding Technology

The selection of screw is based on customer’s formulation. Different material characteristic requires different screw configuration and length/diameter ratio. Kenneth team evaluates formulations and finalizes the screw to meet customer’s requests. Kenneth screw is made of 40CrNiMoA and high speed anti-wear tooling steel W6M05Cr4V2 with a stiffness of HRC62~64. The extruder barrel is made of double metal alloy with a stiffness of HRC64~68. The excellent materials and optical screw helical profiles contribute a outstanding extrusion capacity and long service life.

The co-rotating twin screw extruder has an excellent performance on the dispersion, mixing and melt compounding of plastic materials. The shearing and heating time of plastic materials is adjustable and under controlled. Degassing and devolatilization devices are equipped on extruder barrel. Excellent switchable, self-cleaning and flexible modular design etc make the pelletizing of plastics easy and efficient.


The die material and mold runner must be selected and designed according to the physical properties and characteristics of plastics to avoid occurrences of uneven material flow rate, retention, excessive molding pressure, in-mold temperature increase, decomposition and carbonization or other situations that may damage material properties of plastics.

Multiple Pelletizing Systems

Melt plastics after extrusion goes through the die mounted at end of extruder and forms strands with a diameter of 3.2mm/4mm. Hot strands emerged from die are cut into pellets by various cutting devices. To get the final pellets for packing process or storage also requires a cooling device, either air cooling or water cooling. Anyway, dryers may be needed for some materials with high moisture absorption characteristic or cooled by water. The most commonly used pelletizing systems on Kenneth melt compounding pelletizer line are as follows:

  • Water Cooling Strand Cutting Pelletizing System

It is the most widely used pelletizing system which almost fit for all materials. The entire system is famous for its simple configuration, cost effective and easy for operation&maintenance.

  • Air Cooling Die Face Cutting Pelletizing System

The pelletizing system is mainly used for the materials which are easy to absorb water, have drying problems or have strict moisture requirements. Since the whole pelletizing process is performed under non-water condition, no drying process or additional dryer is needed.

  • Water Ring Die Face Cutting Pelletizing System

The pelletizing system is suitable for most filling or non-filling thermal plastics. Water circulation running through the die ring plate to ensure an average temperature distribution of the die plate while avoid direct contacting of water and hot materials. The system is fairly compact which saves space for customer.

  • Mist Jet Off-center Cutting Pelletizing System

The pelletizing system effectively increases the extrusion capacity and reduce the extrusion pressure. The die and mold runner design is fairly simple and compact. The system is suitable especially for processing PVC, EVA and cross-linked materials which are thermal sensitive. The angle and axial distance of cutter are easy for adjustment.

  • Underwater Cutting Pelletizing System

To use which pelletizing systems is mainly determined by the formulation, and secondly by output requirements, space limitation, cost etc. Kenneth team evaluates all requests and conditions from customer, then provides the best solution to satisfy customer.

Product Specification

ModelScrew OD(mm)Screw L/D RatioScrew Speed(RPM)Motor Power(kW)Output(kg/hr)

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