WPC Mixing Machine

Kenneth WPC Mixing Machine is a combination of heating mixer and cooling mixer for the blending of wood powder and PP or PE, PVC resin and additives.

Product Description

Kenneth WPC Mixing Machine is a combination of heating mixer and cooling mixer for the blending of wood powder and PP, PE, PVC resin and additives. WPC(wood plastic composites) is polymer bio-material compounded excellent building  decorative materials for making WPC decking and profiles.

 In short, the heating mixer firstly homogenizes the PVC compounds via high speed mixing tools. Meanwhile, the intensive motion not only grinds solids into finer particles, but also cause a rapid temperature raise by self-frictions of compounds. The increase on temperature provides condition for PVC resin to fully absorb liquid additive(plasticizer/oil) and eliminates moisture from the compounds. The mixtures after heating mixing process are well dispersed, homogenized fine dry compounds except hot and not stable.

Thus, a right after cooling mixing process is needed to eliminate electrostatic charge on polymers caused by high friction mixing, cool down the hot compounds to avoid over heat of temperature sensitive compositions, increase the free flowing property and minimize the tendency of agglomeration. Mixtures after the cooling mixing process are final stable free flowing fine PVC dry blends which could be stored or further processed into PVC products right away.

Typically, the heating mixer is set back over the cooling mixer so that hot mixtures after heating mixing could be discharge into cooling mixer directly in time. Considering the synchronization of heating mixing process and cooling mixing process, the mixing tank capacity of cooling mixer is usually 2-4 times of heat mixer for sufficient cooling capacity within a batch cycle of 6-8 minutes.

Kenneth WPC Mixer has 2 types of combinations: SRL-Z vertical mixing unit and SRL-W horizontal mixing unit for PVC applications. Both vertical and horizontal mixing units have the following features:

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications such as heating, agglomerating, bonding, grinding etc
  • Process optimized mixing tools and process tailored configurations
  • Durable and reliable mechanical drives and transmissions
  • Excellent filters for dust control and de-humidification of mixtures
  • Diverse optional auxiliaries for customized requests
  • High cooling efficiency of optimized cooling tank and lid
  • Optimized design for easy cleaning and maintenance
Customized and Standard Mixing System

We design and manufacture mixing systems according to the desired output and particular processing requirements. We provide multiple solutions from raw material handling, precise weighing, mixing, conveying until packing of finished products.


Product Features

Modular Designed, Maximum Flexibility & Mobility

Kenneth mixers are modular designed with maximum flexibility for various applications. Each mixer is tailored by different PVC recipe, processing and throughput requirements based on Kenneth’s expertise in the area of PVC compounding and mixing.

Whole Series, Full Range

Kenneth has a full range series of heating mixers, capacity from lab scale 10 liter to industrial production scale 1,500 liter. Full range series of cooling miers, capacity from 200 liter to 6000 liters. Throughput of PVC compounds can be 30kg/hr(SHR-10) to 4,000kg/hr(SHR-1500).

Solid Materials, Precise Assembled, Quality Crafted

The machine structures of Kenneth heating mixer are made of carbon steel been welded together by experienced welder. Inner surface of mixer tank, mixing tools, discharger inner surface wherever contacted with resin are made of stainless steel 304. The solid machine structures minimize vibration meanwhile the precise assemble of all mechanical parts ensures a comfortable noise level even at intensive mixing operation.

Reliable Components

Kenneth mixer adopts industrial standard electrical components from world renowned brands i.e Siemens, Schneider, OMRON, ABB etc. It is a consideration of quality assurance and easy sourcing for replacement of broken parts wherever the customer is all over the world.

Electrical Safety & Certificate

Safety of equipment and protection of operators are the top guideline throughout the design& engineering of both mechanical and electrical aspects. Strict process control during fabrication and assembly of single machinery or whole line. Kenneth mixers and mixing lines offer multiple certificates as requested e.g. CE, UL, CSA etc.

Intuitive Operation&Diverse Control Modes

Depends on the automation level and related accessories, the control of mixing process can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The first 2 control modes are usually achieved via button operation on the electrical cabinet. While the fully automatic mode requires an additional touch screen(Siemens S7 PLC) which visualizes all processes vividly, integrates all control operations and real time monitoring of all components etc. Remote maintenance module is optional for remote diagnosis of malfunctions or update of control system.

Product Specification

ModelCapacity(L)Effective Capacity(L)Main Shaft Speed (RPM)Motor Power(kW)DischargeMixing Time (min/batch)

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