Kenneth provides multiple options and solutions as per customer’s mixing process requirements and formulas. With more than 20+ years of dedication in polymer dosing mixing conveying systems, Kenneth satisfies every customer with the best solution both technical and economic.

Mixing Tool

The mixing tool of heating mixer is usually a group of 3-4pcs of mixing blades with different shapes set vertically on the main shaft. There is no one fixed mixing tool combination for all applications. Kenneth engineers offer every single mixing tool combination based on their years of expertise on PVC compounding and mixing technology tailored to each PVC formula and related processing requirements.

Air Exhaust & Filtration

The heating mixing process ends when temperature reaches above 120 degree C. Although moisture starts to evaporate at 100 degree C, the temperature raise period from 100~120 degree C may only takes 1~2mins. Thus, the short evaporating time is not sufficient for the escape of moisture out of heating mixer. With the help of Kenneth Pulse Jet Filter which has a centrifugal fan to empty the evaporated moisture quickly and completely. The constant dry chamber prevents caking of mixtures. And the dry blends after hot mixing process would certainly have an extremely low moisture percentage and a better free flowing property.

Additional Heating / Cooling

External hot oil circulation or electrical heater, as an additional heating source, is also available for certain circumstances due to PVC formula and processing. The double layer jacket vertical mixing tank of heating mixer was designed for the heat transfer media either hot oil or cooling water. While cooling mixer only has the jacket for cooling water.

Raw Material Handling

Weighing & Metering

One batch size of PVC formula is usually composed of several raw materials with different weights, the weighting&metering of each item by hand always takes time and sometimes may not be accurate. Kenneth offers both semi-auto dosing system and fully automatic dosing system which work with the heating mixer for a quick and precise preparation of one batch of raw materials.

Dry Blends Conveying

Kenneth provides conveying solutions for mixtures transportation from mixer to next stations. The conveying system could be mechanical conveyors or pneumatic conveyors, or mechanical and pneumatic combinations. Closed loop transportation, energy saving, no degradation during transportation, no contamination etc.


Depending on the complexity of mixing process, Kenneth provides both electrical cabinet button PLC control or touch screen PLC control options.

Customer List

Kenneth PVC mixers adopt Germany and Italian technologies and localized as a typical “Made in China” industrial machinery. Through over 20 years of implementation on the market, Kenneth PVC mixers have been proven and tagged as the good quality, reliable and economic mixing equipment by numerous PVC products manufacturers.

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